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About Us

Follow our journey as we take our programmes to the communities within Muriwhenua

At Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services we use kaupapa Māori frameworks in working toward our vision of "He Oranga Tangata," - The wellbeing of all people. We provide support and resources to individuals and families, with a focus on improving the health outcomes of Māori and vulnerable populations. Our programs are culturally appropriate and collaborative with the local community.


We promote the health and wellbeing in communities through our commitment to kaupapa Māori principles.


Our Journey

Every programme that we deliver has a story. Every story we tell has a whakapapa, back to our ancestors, who used and practised a way of living that resonated and instilled a sense of wellbeing and belonging. Our programmes are specifically designed to bring the individual to a place of connection that will ground and give purpose to their lives. Our journey continues to evolve and shift towards 'He Oranga Tangata' which is the wellbeing and health of all. 

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